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Battlebond Draft @ Destine Fantasy Games Alameda (Feb 14 @ 6PM)

Battlebond Draft @ Destine Fantasy Games Alameda (Feb 14 @ 6PM)

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🌟 BATTLEBOND DRAFT - A Valentine's Day Special at Destine Fantasy Games 🌟

Date: Wednesday, February 14th, 2024 @ 6PM
Location: Destine Fantasy Games, Alameda

This Valentine's Day, dive into a world of magic and partnership with the Battlebond Draft at Destine Fantasy Games, the Bay Area's newest Local Game Store. In collaboration with TCGFIX, we're delighted to offer an evening that combines the spirit of love with the thrill of Magic the Gathering. Battlebond is the ideal set for this occasion, emphasizing cooperation and synergy in a unique "Two-Headed Giant" draft format.

Price: $50 per team

Supporting Destine Fantasy Games: With every team's entry, $10 will be directly contributed to Destine Fantasy Games for hosting this incredible event. It's not just about playing; it's about supporting the newest hub for our beloved card games in the community.

Event Details: Upon entry, teams will receive 4 packs of Battlebond for drafting. This special set encourages you and your partner to draft two cards at a time, weaving together two powerful forty-card decks in a testament to your combined strategy.

Competition Structure:

  • Engage in 3 rounds of play, with each victory rewarding your team with 2 additional packs of Battlebond.
  • Experience the joy of playing side by side with your partner, where every move is a shared decision.

Why You Should Join:

  • Unique Format: Explore the two-headed giant draft, a format that celebrates partnership and collective strategy, making for a memorable Valentine's Day.
  • Celebrate Love and Friendship: Share an enchanting evening of Magic the Gathering with your significant other or a close friend.
  • Community Support: Participate in an event that not only provides excitement but also supports the growth of our new local game store, fostering a thriving MTG community in the Bay Area.

About Battlebond: Renowned for its focus on two-player synergy, Battlebond offers an unparalleled drafting experience. Don't miss out on this chance to play a set that perfectly blends the essence of teamwork with the magic of Valentine's Day.

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