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Outlaws of Thunder Junction Collector Booster Box (12 Collector Packs)

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Collector Booster Box (12 Collector Packs)

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Thunder Junction’s Most Wanted—Calling all collectors and card duelists! If you’re on the hunt for the finest treasures in the West, look no further. Lasso your share of the ultimate bounty with the Outlaws of Thunder Junction Collector Boosters. Each of these collector-focused packs is brimming with the coolest, most sought-after cards from Magic's first wild west-themed world, offering an unparalleled unboxing experience.

These Collector Boosters are the fastest route to the rarest treasures of the set, filled to the brim with Rare cards, dazzling foil treatments, and mesmerizing special alt-art and alt-frame cards. Dive into a stash of criminally cool cards where every pack holds 6 alt-border cards—including at least 3 Breaking News cards. These are unique reprints that capture spellcasting crimes with front-page news-style frames, and you might just snag a Borderless version adorned with a slick Textured Foil—a Collector Booster exclusive.

With more hard-to-find cards than any other Outlaws of Thunder Junction boosters, each pack promises 5 cards of rarity Rare or higher, making them the best in the West for collectors and strategic players alike.

Magic: The Gathering is not just a card game—it's an epic fusion of art, story, and strategy. Whether you’re here to enhance your competitive deck, add to your prized collection, or just enjoy a casual game with friends, the Gathering welcomes you with open arms and endless adventures.


  • 12 Outlaws of Thunder Junction Collector Boosters
  • Each booster contains 15 MTG cards

Gather your posse and stake your claim in the wild frontiers of Magic with the Outlaws of Thunder Junction Collector Boosters—where every card is a new frontier of art and adventure.

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