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Modern Horizons 3 Play Booster Box (36 Play Booster Packs)

Modern Horizons 3 Play Booster Box (36 Play Booster Packs)

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Modern Horizons 3 Play Booster Box

Unleash your new forever favorites with the Modern Horizons 3 Play Booster Box, a treasure trove of exciting cards designed for one of Magic’s most celebrated formats—Modern. This set brings back competitive favorites and introduces a host of new cards that promise something for every Magic: The Gathering enthusiast.


  • Your New Forever Favorites: Dive into a heaping helping of thrilling cards for Modern, including the return of beloved competitive favorites and new, powerful additions.
  • Powerful Cards for Modern, Limited, and Commander Play: Enhance your deck with potent New-to-Modern cards, organize a supercharged Booster Draft with friends, or discover Legendary Creatures with striking special treatments to inspire your next Commander deck.
  • Modern’s Never Been More Marvelous: Expand your horizons with novel twists on classic mechanics and an abundance of cards for beloved Modern strategies.
  • Fun to Open. Fun to Play: Each Play Booster combines the best elements of Draft and Set Boosters, making them great for Limited play and exciting to open. Look out for Art cards, striking alt-frame cards, and more.
  • Modern Might That Shines Bright: Every Modern Horizons 3 Play Booster includes 1-5 cards of rarity Rare or higher and 1-2 shining Traditional Foil cards, ensuring both power and flash.
  • May Contain Art Cards, a Play Booster Exclusive: Some packs may also contain an Art card showcasing artwork from the Modern Horizons 3 set, occasionally featuring a foil signature from the artist.

Play Booster Box Contents:

  • 36 Modern Horizons 3 Play Boosters, each containing 14 Magic: The Gathering cards

Elevate your Magic: The Gathering experience with the Modern Horizons 3 Play Booster Box—where every pack offers a new adventure and every card has the potential to become a treasured favorite.

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